A responsive, CMS website designed around SEO and with an integrated stock management system; Travelworld Motorhomes are a UK based motorhome dealership and retailer. Based in Telford in Shropshire they have over 30 years experience in the motor home industry. Offering the complete motorhome experience they import, buy and re-sell models within the UK as well as offering a nationally accredited Service Centre.

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"We set out to have one of the best websites in our industry. I think we now have that."

Ross Edwards, Managing Director


The Requirement

Although the original Travelworld Motorhome website contained a stock management system, over the years the website itself had become something of a software patchwork and was considerably underperforming in terms of search engine rankings. We were referred to Travelworld by their SEO expert and so this offered the perfect opportunity to work with them and design a website around their SEO specifications.


The Approach

This was a great website to work on since Travelworld knew exactly what they wanted. They had decided to bite the bullet and build a new website from scratch, therefore it was important to us to improve upon their functionality, fully integrate systems which had previously been tacked on and of course, provide the ideal canvass for their SEO expert to work their magic on. CMS was a given, plus being mobile friendly and then it was simply a case of making it look sexy.

The Result

"We have had bad experiences in the past with web developers, so it is great to have a found a team in Yammayap that we have complete faith in. Naturally I would recommend them to anyone; Richard, James and George have all done a great job and we couldn't be happier. Our initial thinking behind the new website was to get to grips with the rankings, we were referred to Yammayap with the reassurance they could produce a website that would help us succeed from an SEO perspective, but it was also important for me personally that it looked right. They certainly achieved that and crucially we have seen big gains in terms of SEO since the site went live last July. In terms of impact on our business, we have enjoyed some very positive customer feedback and increased enquiries. Our SEO expert now has a website they can really work with and from a stock management perspective it all works intuitively."

"It goes without saying, we are extremely pleased with the new website and the professionalism of the Yammayap team"

Ross Edwards, Managing Director

Additional Work

"I've found it particularly comforting that Yammayap didn't wash their hands of us once the website was finalised. Despite the geographical distance between us, we enjoyed a very productive working relationship during the build process and since then the team have remained on-hand to deal with any tweaks or adjustments that have cropped up. This really goes to reinforce our confidence in them, plus maintaining good search engine rankings means dealing with continually moving goalposts, so it's great to have a development team we can trust."

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