Online Applications

An online application is a piece of software which allows users to interact with a website and its data, these users might be registered members of the public or administrators and the situations where this type of custom built website could be used are endless.

If you have a business process that involves collecting data and manipulating it manually then you could save yourself hours by turning it into an online application.

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Tailoring the right solution is vital for a
successful modern website or application.

Most online applications are essentially just a website, they consist of the visual pages and a database where all the information is stored. The main difference is the way in which the users add to, edit and remove that data. This would be through a series of custom tools written specifically for the job rather than relying on a content management system that only really controls the words and images the viewers see.

Yammayap and Online Applications

Web application dashboard

Having the ability to design and build these type of systems is a rare skill, something that a traditional web developer may not possess. Knowledge of databases and processes is essential and the ability to create reliable, scalable and flexible solutions is something that comes with experience, something the Yammayap has plenty of.

It's not just about the coding of the system either, design is of great importance, it is essential that your system is intuitive to use and easy to understand, the architecture of the solution will define how successful the system is.

Web application user interface

How we do it

We have developed our own set of tools and framework over the years that mean we can build large scale solutions and tailor them to any situation. We've written every line of the code so we know what it does, how it does it and how to extend it should we need too. We also integrate with many feature rich plugins that allow reliable expansion as well as impressive animation techniques to enhance the user experience.

If you have a unique business idea, we can turn it into a reality.

Web application widgets

Yammayap also have knowledge and experience integrating third party tools into bespoke web applications, whether it be recurring invoicing systems, XML feeds, APIs and any of the multitude of Google tools avaliable, we can make use of the tools out there in order to keep project costs and timescales to a managable level.

We work with you all the way to:

  • Produce a working specification document
  • Wire frame the processes
  • Design the user interface with usability in mind
  • Build the screens and forms for desktop and mobile devices
  • Fully test the system and prepare for launch
  • Support you through the life cycle of your software

The benefits to you

  • A custom built solution to your exact requirements
  • Fully supported and managed service
  • Flexibility with the evolution of your business or business idea

If you have any questions about Online Applications or to find out how we can help your business with any aspect of web or graphic design, please call us on 01202 937793 or get in touch here.

Next steps

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